What Childhood Snacks Do You Remember?
As I was shopping at a local warehouse club earlier this week, I saw something that instantly transported me to my childhood. The neon orange cheese and red stick instantly brought me back.
Mother’s Day Can Be Hard If Mom’s Not Around
See that photo of my mother with her 70s-style hairdo?  It's one that always makes me smile.  I pull it out this time of year because it helps me get through the days leading up to and including Mother's Day.  Enjoying old photos and memories is a way I like to honor Mom...
Treasured Ticket Stubs
I'm a bit sentimental.  I enjoy looking through old photo albums and scrapbooks.  I've kept some old birthday cards and letters that were meaningful to me.  Because I love music so much, it's nice to visit my jar full of old ticket stubs...
Now You Can Play Classic Games Like Oregon Trail Online
One of the best times in elementary school was when the teacher let us sit down at the classroom's Apple IIC computers, handed out the 5 1/4" floppy disks, and let us play games like Oregon Trail until the period was over. Well now we can relive those times thanks to the endless wonder…
Do You Still Have Dreams About School?
Yesterday, I stopped by Toms River High School East to chat with the TV-21 folks about the broadcast for this weekend's Halloween parade. As I was leaving, I had a familiar feeling wash over me as the classes just changed.

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