Pucker Up Jersey Shore !
How would you like to be part of a world record? Six Flags/Great Adventure in Jackson is looking to break the Guinness World Record for most couple kissing under the mistletoe!
The event will take place on Saturday, December 10th at 5 pm during Six Flags "Holiday in the Park" Six Flags Gr…
First Kiss
Carrie Underwood gave a 12 year old boy his first kiss this past weekend at her concert.  He was holding up a sign which asked, "Will you be my first kiss?"  She called him up on stage and gave him a big ol' smooch.
Do You Like Being Kissed On Your Ear?[POLL]
So funny!  Jamie from our Promotions Department does NOT like being kissed on her ear!
A lot of us do!  Yes or No!  I love it!  A New York Professor found more than 30 people who lost hearing after being kissed on the ear....No way, this can't be true.