Pucker Up Jersey Shore !
How would you like to be part of a world record? Six Flags/Great Adventure in Jackson is looking to break the Guinness World Record for most couple kissing under the mistletoe!
The event will take place on Saturday, December 10th at 5 pm during Six Flags "Holiday in the Park" Six Flags Gr…
The Health Benefits Of Kissing
Yes, Good news right!  Kissing is such an intimate wonderful thing, but now there are facts that actually help our bodies and  improves our mood.
First Kiss
Carrie Underwood gave a 12 year old boy his first kiss this past weekend at her concert.  He was holding up a sign which asked, "Will you be my first kiss?"  She called him up on stage and gave him a big ol' smooch.
Do You Like Being Kissed On Your Ear?[POLL]
So funny!  Jamie from our Promotions Department does NOT like being kissed on her ear!
A lot of us do!  Yes or No!  I love it!  A New York Professor found more than 30 people who lost hearing after being kissed on the ear....No way, this can't be true.