See-ming Lee SML, flickr

Yes, Good news right!  Kissing is such an intimate wonderful thing, but now there are facts that actually help our bodies and  improves our mood. lists six health benfits of smooching!

  • Benefit #1: Kissing can break down oral plaque and prevent cavities by stimulating the creation of saliva, which helps wash bacteria away from the tooth’s surface.
  • Benefit #2: Kissing helps you keep a younger-looking face because you use over 30 facial muscles while kissing, which helps to keep muscles smooth and tight and prevents your cheeks from sagging.
  • Benefit #3: Kissing boosts your metabolism, which can help burn calories. During a really passionate kiss, you can burn anywhere from two to five calories per minute, which is double your normal resting rate.
  • Benefit #4: Your immune system gets a healthy boost, since being exposed to someone else’s germs causes your body to create antibodies against those germs, which can in turn lead to immunity and prevent illness.
  • Benefit #5: Kissing improves our mood by releasing the antidepressant, oxytocin. A study of cohabiting and married couples showed that an increased frequency of kissing decreases stress and cholesterol levels.
  • Benefit #6: Kissing provides a natural form of pain relief by releasing natural chemicals in the body called endorphins, which can be more powerful than morphine to relieve pain.

Wow, who knew?  I'm lovin it.  I'm burning calories...woo hoo!  What's the key to a good kiss?