Justin’s Life Hacks – The Ketchup Hack [Video]
It's that time once again, another edition of "Justin's Life Hacks". This time around, we're tackling a problem that we have all run into when out to dinner - those full ketchup bottles that just don't want to give up their tangy treasure, But, did you know that…
Ketchup On Your Eggs
That sounds like a book title?  But it's not that I know of.  Shawn and I went to breakfast yesterday and I noticed something that I never knew about him.
Watch This Brilliant Solution to a Common Problem [Video]
Put these kids on "Shark Tank"!
How many times have you gone to squirt ketchup on a burger and gotten a watery mess? It's one of those problems that we've all experienced but probably haven't given much thought to. Well two high schoolers in Missouri have given it a w…
Can You Help Remove This Stain
Yesterday on "The Ocean County Breakfast Show" we were talking about how Coca-Cola could be used other then just drinking it.  Like with gardening, removing mold and a toilet cleaner, just to name a few.
A Curious Condiment Caper in The Garden State
Counterfeiting is nothing new. If you spend any time in New York City, you've certainly seen your fair share of knockoff watches, purses, sunglasses, and electronics. But a phony ketchup running operation in our own backyard?