Jersey Central Power & Light Seaside Park Studio

Join Us For Another Day In Seaside Park Tomorrow!
It's been pretty typical summer weather here in Ocean County so far. And by that, I mean that we've had just about everything - heat & humidity, strong thunderstorms, and days of absolute perfection. Luckily for us, tomorrow is supposed to be another of the latter. So it'll be…
Do You Like to Swim in the Ocean?
It's officially summer in Ocean County, and we've kicked off our broadcasts from the Jersey Central Power & Light Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio, with an unrivaled view of the beach, the sunbathers, and the swimmers. But one thing we all know - the ocean can be awfully chilly this t…
Summer of Boardwalk Broadcasts
Last summer we made the Seaside boardwalk our second home with live, on-location broadcasts all summer long. This year, we're going to be doing the same thing, and it all kicks off this week.