It's officially summer in Ocean County, and we've kicked off our broadcasts from the Jersey Central Power & Light Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio, with an unrivaled view of the beach, the sunbathers, and the swimmers. But one thing we all know - the ocean can be awfully chilly this time of year!

With temperatures ranging anywhere from the 50s up to the 70s, sometimes you never know what you're going to get.

And you don't necessarily know for sure what you're going to get based on the temperature of the air. A lot of what determines the ocean temperature has to do with wind, how rough the water is, etc.

So you could come to the Seaside Park beach on an 85 degree day, but get a surprise chill hopping right into the water.

So do you like to swim in the ocean, or do you stick to sunbathing and playing catch on the beach? Tell us in the comments!