Facelift in Store for Toms River Park
Historic Huddy Park in downtown Toms River is in for a facelift.
Mayor Tom Kelaher says bond income earmarked for capital improvements will pay for about $1 million worth of work, including bulkhead replacement and landscaping upgrades...
Top 5 Jersey Shore Nature Destinations
We are at that perfect time of year where it's warm enough to enjoy lots of time outdoors, but not too hot that it gets uncomfortable away from the beaches. And, did you know that we have a lot of nature destinations all within less than an hour drive? Read on for my Top 5 Jersey Shore Nature D…
Do You Know The Meaning Of Cinco De Mayo?
In the same thinking that makes people use St. Patrick's Day as just an excuse to drink Guinness, an awful lot of people will be enjoying margaritas and Mexican beer tonight with no idea what they're actually celebrating.
National Women’s History Month
History is everywhere along the New Jersey Shore, from the lighthouses that dot the coast to the Victorian grandeur of Cape May. Less visible are the stories of the women who helped shape that past. Trailblazing young women in Belmar and Wildwood became lifeguards, proving that women were just as ca…
Action Park Reopening
Stories about adventures (and misadventures) at New Jersey's Action Park have become legends over the past 20+ years. After all of the reminiscing, (and possibly therapy), the famous (and somewhat infamous) water park is officially reopening in only days.
Hindenburg Anniversary Approaches
Tuesday, May 6, 2014, marks the 77th anniversary of a disaster that ended an era in air travel - and it all happened right here in New Jersey.
On May 6, 1937, at around 7:25pm, the German airship Hindenburg burst into flames and crashed at what was then called Lakehurst Naval Air Station (now part of…
Watch – Action Park’s Legendary Loop in Action [Video]
There are few places in New Jersey steeped in as much lore as Action Park. Just last week we told you about the impending return of the legendary water park. When we talk about the good old days of the summertime getaway, the infamous looping water slide always comes into the conversation.
A NJ Legend Returns – Action Park to Reopen This Summer
When I first heard the news, I thought that it had to be a late April Fool's joke. But no, apparently it's true. With a legend almost as rich as the Jersey Devil himself, a famous (and to some, infamous) New Jersey institution will be returning this summer.
Ladies and gentlemen, Action Park…

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