Jersey Etiquette at Sporting Events
Whenever you go to a sporting event, there are always people wearing jerseys for the team they root for, however sometimes it seems the fan wearing the jersey may be a bit confused.
Taylor Swift’s Amazing Gift To A Fan [Video]
If there's one thing that will make me respect a celebrity, it's how they treat their fans. Celebrities are nothing without their fans, and when a star truly appreciates that, it's pretty cool to watch. Taylor Swift has quickly gotten a reputation as one of the fan-friendliest stars o…
Watch This Heartwarming Followup To The Garth Brooks Video
Just when you thought this story couldn't get any better - remember earlier this week when we showed you the video of Garth Brooks serenading a cancer stricken fan at a recent concert? Wouldn't it be nice to have a followup where they could sit down and chat about what it meant to each of them? Well…
Watch Garth Brooks Pay Tribute to a Fan With Cancer [Video]
I always enjoy stories of stars interacting with their fans. But this one may win the prize for most touching. At a concert last week, country superstar Garth Brooks saw a sign from a fan who is undergoing intense cancer treatment, he personally serenaded the fan and gave her a guitar. Check out the…
What Celebrity Would You Like to Hang Out With?
Taylor Swift did something really cool this week - she hung out with her biggest fans. But I don't mean that they got backstage for a meet & greet, she literally invited 90 of her biggest fans over to her New York City apartment to hang out for a pizza party. Seriously.