This May Be The Strangest Sport In The World [Video]
Sure, we have some strange sports here in America. We pioneered "competitive eating", after all (which has an organized league and governing body and everything). But the British may win this round when it comes to bizarre "sports". I present to you, "Wor…
You Can Buy Your Very Own Haunted Castle [Video]
Let's be honest, a medieval European castle is just a big pile of rocks without an honest to goodness "lady in white" style ghost, right? Well, for the right price, you could own your very own 14th century castle, complete with a ghost. And, surprisingly, the price isn't …
Did Cadbury Ruin The Creme Egg?
The Cadbury Creme Egg is an iconic early-year treat. As the calendar gets closer to Easter, the creamy treat will start showing up on shelves. But, apparently Cadbury is messing with the recipe and people are noticing.
Lisa’s Lovely Trip to London
It's a clear sunny day in Ocean County, just like the weather I enjoyed for 10 days in London, England.  Surprised?  Yeah, me too.  Though I packed for the grey, damp conditions that London is known for, I welcomed the warmth and sunshine as I explored this great city, half the t…
Are You Related to Royalty?
With the Internet, it has become easier than ever to trace our genealogy. Many of us have been to Ellis Island to get in touch with our past, and many of us have at least tried out the family tree websites.