There's an old saying that someone will be "spinning in their grave". But for a British museum, that's taken on a whole new, unexplained meaning.

The Manchester Museum in England has been in possession of an ancient Egyptian statue for over 80 years with nothing unusual going on to make it stand out.

Until recently.

A museum Egyptologist noticed one day that the statue was facing the back of the display case instead of the front like usual.

Before you suggest that a mischievous co-worker was just playing a joke, he says that he has the only key.

Rather than just having a good story to tell people, they took it one step further and decided to set up a time lapse camera to catch the suspiciously spinning statue in action. Watch for yourself:


So what do you think? Is it an edited video and some academics having fun, or is it the spirit of an ancient Egyptian showing his displeasure at being stuck in a glass box?