Too Soon, Ocean County?
I was in a store this past weekend, and I saw this on the shelves!  All the adorable bunnies and bright colors, it reminds us of Spring.
Spotted At An Ocean County Store – What Do You Think?
I took that picture above inside of a Toms River pharmacy and convenience store a good two and a half weeks ago. I was going to write about how Christmas was barely over and it wasn't even the new year yet, and they were already pushing Valentine's Day.
But I'm glad I didn't write…
Best Easter Flowers In Toms River [LIST]
Easter is very important to me, it's a second chance. ~ Reba McEntire
Happy Easter! Easter is a wonderful time of year.... rebirth, new beginnings and springtime. It's a chance to see colors after a long dark winter! Flowers always play a big part of Easter celebrations. They mak...
Ocean County, Is the Easter Bunny Your Favorite?
Easter is such a special time for me.  My Easter memories are some of the best in my childhood--from our tree being decorated with balloons outside in different colors to finding the Easter basket in the washer, dryer and the bathtub every year when I was younger.
Easter Egg Fun with Freshness-Sue’s Mommy Blog
For the first five years I had a Mommy Blog about my daughter Abby’s life and what it was like for me as a first time Mommy.  Now she’s a 10 year old Diva and I’ve decided to bring back the Mommy blog. Her life and what she does is just so funny, it’s too funny not to talk about or write about!  It’…

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