Too Soon, Ocean County?
I was in a store this past weekend, and I saw this on the shelves!  All the adorable bunnies and bright colors, it reminds us of Spring.
Spotted At An Ocean County Store – What Do You Think?
I took that picture above inside of a Toms River pharmacy and convenience store a good two and a half weeks ago. I was going to write about how Christmas was barely over and it wasn't even the new year yet, and they were already pushing Valentine's Day.
But I'm glad I didn't write…
Best Easter Flowers In Toms River [LIST]
Easter is very important to me, it's a second chance. ~ Reba McEntire
Happy Easter! Easter is a wonderful time of year.... rebirth, new beginnings and springtime. It's a chance to see colors after a long dark winter! Flowers always play a big part of Easter celebrations. They mak...
Ocean County, Is the Easter Bunny Your Favorite?
Easter is such a special time for me.  My Easter memories are some of the best in my childhood--from our tree being decorated with balloons outside in different colors to finding the Easter basket in the washer, dryer and the bathtub every year when I was younger.

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