Do You Know The Coldest Day Ever In New Jersey?
Bitter cold weather is on the way for this week here at the Jersey Shore! with wind chills below zero by Friday! But do you know what was the coldest day ever in New Jersey?
The coldest day ever in the Garden State was recorded on January 5th, 1904. It was o...
The Best Hot Chocolate at the Shore
Baby, it's cold outside!
Hot chocolate warms the belly and is such a great winter-time treat!  Somehow hot chocolate brings the family together, something just feels like home with hot chocolate.  Don't forget the whipped cream!
What’s Worse – Too Hot Or Too Cold? [Poll]
With temperatures over the next few days approaching the 90s, and heat indexes even getting close to 100, it's going to get uncomfortable for a couple of days. But, if you ask me, the dog days of summer are still not as bad as the dead of winter.
Jersey Shore Gets Lil Bit of Snow
First we had extreme cold over the weekend and now a lil bit of snow today and by Tuesday temps will be near 60! Is this the craziest winter we've had in years? It seems there's a little bit of everything. This winter has been more "mild" so I don't think anyone is c…
Jersey Shore Avoid Frozen Pipes This Weekend [VIDEO]
This weekend we are looking at extreme cold temperatures throughout Ocean, Monmouth and Burlington counties. Wind chills could be as low as twenty below zero! Stay with WOBM and Dan Zarrows forecast all weekend.
One issue residents wanna avoid with this cold is frozen pipes. Winter p...
What’s Worse – Too Hot Or Too Cold?
It's going to be cold in Ocean County this weekend. Really cold. Unpleasantly cold. So cold that if you don't have to go out, you shouldn't. But some people still think that "too cold" is still better than "too hot".
Think We’re Cold? Look At This! [Photo]
There's no denying that it's cold today in New Jersey. With temperatures only approaching 30, and a brutal windchill making it feel like it's in the teens, today isn't a pleasant day to be outside. But there is one thing that we can take comfort in - it could always be worse.

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