Warming Our Bellies With Snow Day Comfort Food
Growing up, I remember snow days meant chicken noodle soup with saltine crackers. And hot chocolate was served after we'd come in from sledding or playing in the snow. Grilled cheese with tomato soup is served in many New Jersey homes on a day like today. Pancakes, chili, chicken pot pie, la…
The Chili Bowl is Coming To Ocean County!
Do you think you make the best chili at the Jersey Shore?
The "Chili Bowl" is coming to Ocean County in January! If you love chili you will not wanna miss the Point Pleasant Chamber of Commerce's "Chili Bowl"! The event takes place on Thursday, January 19th fr…
Comfort food time of year
As Fall rolls around many of us are going apple picking, pumpkin picking, leaf raking and, unfortunately closing up the pools and bringing the delicate plants indoors.