An Example Of What Not To Do When It Snows [Photo]
This is a topic that I've visited before (in fact, I briefly touched on it just yesterday), but it still blows my mind how people just don't get it. Snow is inconvenient. Nobody likes when you have to go out in the snow. Yet, it seems like people still try to find a way to get on the road …
Here’s Another Window Defogging Lifehack [Video]
We've been really lucky so far this winter. While we did have a few frigid days earlier this week, we've generally gotten away with mild weather. Which, thankfully, has made the hassle of fogged up windows not much of an issue. But, we're sure to have to deal with it at some point, so…
Do You Use Car Backup Cameras?
Vehicles these days have more safety, technology, and convenience features than ever. Among them - most new cars and trucks have backup cameras. But I find the backup camera to be a little awkward.

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