How Do You Maintain Work/Life Balance in Ocean County?
I attended an inspiring event last night. Successful business women shared stories about their career paths. When asked how they find work/life balance they suggested:
Don't schedule early morning meetings
Don't work or check e-mails on Sundays
Exercise and/or do Yoga
Travel (even short …
Which New Jersey Teacher Pointed You On Your Career Path?
I read a lot about educators yesterday, World Teachers' Day.  I saw stories of how frequently they are underpaid and overworked.  I heard how in some districts, they have to buy their own basic supplies like paper for handouts.  Despite these hardships, there is a commo…
What’s Your Dream Job?
You heard me talk about the "Today" show segment called "If I Weren't On TV I'd Be A..."  It's what prompted Natalie Morales to visit Ocean County and work with the staff and animals at Popcorn Park Zoo.  She had once dreamed of being a ve…