Career expert Andrea Kay joined Shawn & Sue to talk about landing the perfect job

In today's economic climate finding the perfect job can be a challenge, but being prepared to meet with possible employers is a key to getting closer to that career.

Andrea Kay helps people get excited about jumping out of bed and raring to go to work. For the past 20 years she has been creating and recreating Andrea Kay/The Art of Self Direction, a career consulting firm whose clients range from rocket scientists and cowboys who want to change careers to accountants and engineers who have trouble relating to people.


"She is the perfect combination of energy, humor and charisma, offering intelligent insight with a sense of humor." -- Career Masters Institute International Conference participant


Andrea has developed a reputation as a workplace observer and outspoken supporter of taking personal responsibility for your career and is widely quoted and interviewed.

Andrea says

  • Communicate Well
  • Be Mature
  • Be Flexible
  • Use Good Judgement
  • Be Passionate


Her latest book "This Is How To Get Your Next Job" discusses what to do to be prepared for that big job interview.....

Listen here as she discusses how to be ready to meet with employers with Shawn & Sue