What Are Your Favorite Boardwalk Treats?
As I sit here in The Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio for the penultimate weekend of Summer 2015, I'm wracking my brain - of all the things to eat here on the boardwalk, which to choose?
Do You Fold Your Pizza? [Poll]
As I'm sitting here at the Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio with WOBM workday host Lisa Leonard, we started chatting about our favorite boardwalk food when Lisa mentioned something that I'd honestly never given much thought to before.
Watch The Seaside Boardwalk Lost Wallet Test [Video]
With Memorial Day Weekend only days away, and our official opening of the Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio, there are going to be a lot of people out and about on the Ocean County shores very soon. Along with the people, we're sure to see plenty of lost and found items, including some misplaced valuabl…
A Local Landmark Hopes For Preservation
Generations of Seaside Heights and Seaside Park visitors have taken rides on the iconic, 104-year-old Dentzel Carousel that sat only feet away from the ocean up until the devastating fire of last fall. The good news is that it survived, but it's future is still a little up in the air.

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