Weekend, Fall Special Events Still A Go in Seaside Heights
Despite the destruction of Thursday's boardwalk fire just to the south, the Seaside Heights boardwalk is open and members of the Business Improvement District say long-awaited events this weekend will take place, and they predict the same for the full lineup of autumn activities.
Mysterious Object off of Point Pleasant [Photo]
This past weekend I had some friends come down to visit. I gave them the standard Jersey shore tour; Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant Beach, etc. When we were walking the boardwalk in Point Beach, we noticed something strange in the distance. Read more to take a look...
Three Things You Love About Living In New Jersey
So I was reading over some show stuff this morning and I saw some of the best reasons for living in Los Angeles, CA.  Well, we don't live in L.A. so I can't write about that, but we do live in this fantastic state of New Jersey.
A Perfect Day in Seaside Heights [Photos]
On this first day of Summer, 2013, I started off my day in Seaside Heights checking out our brand new Seaside Smart Center Broadcast Studio. I can't wait to spend the summer there! Check out some pictures of a gorgeous day at the Jersey shore:

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