Best Prize You Ever Won At Jersey Shore Boardwalk?
If you were driving along Route 37 over the weekend, you might have seen a car with a giant stuffed animal strapped to the roof.  What better way to wrap up time in Seaside than with a big prize like that!
The largest prize I ever won was a stuffed Pokemon...
What’s Your Favorite Boardwalk Food?
Broadcasting every Friday from our Seaside Park studio is great. Not only does it get me out of the office once a week for a change of pace, but spending a workday at the beach really can't be beat.
But there is one dangerous part of it - the siren call of boardwalk food.
What Are Your Favorite Boardwalk Treats?
As I sit here in The Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio for the penultimate weekend of Summer 2015, I'm wracking my brain - of all the things to eat here on the boardwalk, which to choose?

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