Show Us Your Red, White and Blue
America celebrates a birthday this coming 4th of July and we wanna see how you show off your red, white and blue! It can be anything from home decor to vehicles to your family and pets.  Take a pic and share it with us as we get set for a fantastic 4th of July!
Never Forget [VIDEO]
Today marks the 14th Anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks ... and today we take a moment to pledge to "Never Forget" !
Some events happening today locally ...
Toms River will have a remembrance ceremony at 9:30 a.m., led by Toms River Fire Company 1, at the Fireman’…
Where in the World Would you Live Besides Here?
As Americans, we live in one of the most prosperous and comfortable countries in the world. Most of us are more than happy here and wouldn't move out of the country for any reason. But let's have fun for a second and just think, "what if".
What Song Says Red, White and Blue To You
It's the 12 year anniversary of the horrific attacks on America and I thought this might bring you some light into your world today and on this sad day, we can be proud of who we are.  Fly those flags!

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