Action Park

Watch Crazy First Person Action Park Video
We shared the news with you last Summer that the infamous Action Park is back. Of course, we're talking about the legendary, and legendarily dangerous waterpark in North Jersey. After closing in the late 90s, going through a series of different names, they came back amid much fanfare last year. So w…
Action Park Reopening
Stories about adventures (and misadventures) at New Jersey's Action Park have become legends over the past 20+ years. After all of the reminiscing, (and possibly therapy), the famous (and somewhat infamous) water park is officially reopening in only days.
Watch – Action Park’s Legendary Loop in Action [Video]
There are few places in New Jersey steeped in as much lore as Action Park. Just last week we told you about the impending return of the legendary water park. When we talk about the good old days of the summertime getaway, the infamous looping water slide always comes into the conversation.
A NJ Legend Returns – Action Park to Reopen This Summer
When I first heard the news, I thought that it had to be a late April Fool's joke. But no, apparently it's true. With a legend almost as rich as the Jersey Devil himself, a famous (and to some, infamous) New Jersey institution will be returning this summer.
Ladies and gentlemen, Action Park…
Remembering Action Park [Video]
For New Jerseyans who grew up in the 80s and 90s, a rite of passage was surviving a trip to Action Park in Vernon Township. Mashable takes a look back at the country's most terrifying water park. Watch for yourself: