A Toms River man is arrested for dealing the synthetic drug Molly.


The drug "Molly" (WFTS TV)

WPVI TV reports Toms River Police arrested  22-year-old Michael Vari for having 10 grams of the substance, a pure form of MDMA, which is the main chemical in Ectasy.  He was arrested at his Hugo Drive home for also being in possession of 35 grams of marijuana along with digital scales, packing materials and more than $1,000 in cash.

He is being held in the Ocean County Jail on $100,000 bail for possession with the intent to distribute and other counts.

As the drug has become glamorized by celebrities and in song, use of the drug has grown this year in New Jersey and around the country. The New Jersey Poison Information and Education System issued a warning for parents earlier this month after after a rash of overdoses and four deaths this summer, including two at a huge annual electronic music festival in New York.

“This club drug is extremely dangerous,” says Bruce Ruck, Pharm.D., Director of Drug Information of the New Jersey Poison  Center. “Its effects can be harmful to the body even on first use. It is known to cause hallucinations, seizures, significant  agitation, as well as, raise the user’s blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature.” Raising one’s body temperature can  cause serious internal damage.

Besides the effects, many drugs are labeled and sold as "Molly" that are not which can have unknown effects on the user.

Molly usually comes in capsules according to USA Today that sell for $8 to $40.