Clearly the topic of conversation these days is the weather. Or should I say the heat.

Weather is often the fallback topic when there is nothing else to talk about but that’s not the case these last few days of record-setting heat.  Toms River has been a regular talking point on New York TV stations as being one of the hottest spots in the tristate area with temperatures in the upper 90s and a heat index over 110.

Sunday I expected the beaches to be mobbed but at least in Seaside Park that was not the case.  A strong west wind did not give much relief early in the day and there were flies to battle but the wind did switch early in the afternoon which made for much more comfortable conditions.  I get the feeling that most people just stayed indoors and cranked up the air conditioning.

I honestly don’t complain too much about the heat because I know what’s coming before too long and I personally will take heat over bitter cold any day of the week.

It does look like the worst of the sultry conditions is over and we’ll be back to more typical August weather by the middle of the week.

Couple of Monday quick hitters:

  • Has there ever been a better name for the fastest man in the world than Usain Bolt?
  • Thanks to an anniversary gift from our children we saw “The Book of Mormon” this weekend and it is without question a laugh-riot. I guess you would describe the Broadway show as a religious satire and it is vulgar, offensive, raunchy and clearly not for everyone but we loved it.  I just wish seats would come with a bit more leg room.
  • Giants receiver Victor Cruz is hurt again. What else is new?
  • Maybe Donald Trump is trying to fall so far behind that he can just toss in the towel right after Labor Day.