She's the love of my life- fresh, funny, truly a wonderful little soul that brings me sunshine every day!  She's 11 and her life and what she does is just so funny, it's too funny not to talk about or write about! It's all about sharing our adventures with you. Time flies.  Thanks for all of your advice through the years, Mom's we are never alone!

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As a lot of you know I recently got married.  It's totally different the second time around.

I never thought I'd get married again.  But just a couple days ago, it happened I'm a wife again.  This time was so enjoyable and Abby was my Best Girl.  It made it so special that she could share in my day, right by my side.

The best part of the day was having Abby by myside.  If you're going to get married AGAIN, let your kids be a big part of it.  I know that no matter what, she is what's most important in my life, so of course she had everything to do with the wedding.  I asked her about different things, where she should sit during the ceremony, and the colors we should wear.  It wasn't just my "big day" or my husbands "big day" it was our kids big day, also.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

I'll never forget when he proposed to me, he got down on his knee to Abby first...I thought, "he's a keeper".  And I'll never forget her looking at me during the wedding and smiling her big smile.  It melted my heart and I knew I was doing the right thing for both of us.

It was a beautiful day of love, and not knowing what will be next.  But one thing I know for sure my heart is full and Abby will always be a part of that.  It is something I hope she remembers for the rest of her life.  I make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes at being her Mom..."sometimes" - this day was just perfect!

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media




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