A Brick Township man who was pulled to a roadside last Friday by a traffic officer now faces charges of creating a false public alarm and obstruction.

Authorities say that several patrol officers responded Friday to a call describing an armed holdup in a grocery store in Bay Harbor Plaza.

One of those responding, Patrolman Julian Halley, had just pulled James Spinelli over for a possible infraction and was checking Spinelli's driving documents.

Spinelli was let go as Halley switched priorities. Officers found nothing unusual going on in the store. That's when investigators began looking into the call.

Police say they traced it to Spinelli's phone during the stop. They found his car Saturday at his Adamston Road house, where they took him into custody.

In addition to the new charges, say police, Spinelli still has to answer for warrants issued in Toms River and East Brunswick - as well as the driving violations.

He was turned over to Toms River police.