Depending on when you woke up this morning you were greeted by the sight of snow still falling or the ground covered by about 3 inches of light white powder.  

A snowy picnic table in Atlantic County (Chris Coleman, Townsquare Media NJ)

That also meant for many their car was covered as well but again because it’s so cold it was that light snow that comes off quite easy.   The good news is that it looks like the polar vortex is about to break and by the end of the week and the weekend we’ll be consistently above freezing which will be a nice change of pace.

While it’s really only been a few weeks it seems like we’ve been in the deep chill forever and surely nobody is sorry to see January come to an end.

Let’s face it. This is the kind of winter many of us remember quite well.  It’s supposed to be cold and snowy…at least it used to be.  Maybe it’s a case of selective memory but I swear that it was common for the river and bay to freeze solid.  I even remember when they use to fill the playground next to the Hugh J. Boyd Elementary School in Seaside Heights with water and kids would ice skate for a good part of winter.

Of course in recent years we have made jokes about global warming while asking whatever happened to winter as we ran around without coats and gloves and wondered if we’d ever use that ice melt we bought.

Some wondered why they bothered to buy a snow blower and the guys who make their living by plowing the white stuff were surely considering another line of work.

It’s not that we’ve gotten that much snow because most of us in Ocean County have not been hit with a big storm yet although those 12 to 24 inch monsters seem to come in February right around President’s Day weekend. Sorry to bring that up but it’s a reminder that we still have a long way to go.

What’s made this month and winter seem endless is the cold which for the most part has been brutal.  I’d venture to say we’ve had more single-digit days in the last month than in most winters over the last decade…again maybe it just seems that way.

One thing is for sure and that is you’re wearing the sweaters, boots, gloves, scarves and hats you got for Christmas. Actually I only wear a hat on the weekend. it messes my hair up.