See or hear anything unusual in the sky in Monmouth County this afternoon? According NBC New

York's web site, social media's been active with word that a small plane was escorted to the Monmouth Executive Airport by two F-16 fighter jets after flying in restricted air space.

It turns out, military fighter jets scrambled to corral at least three small planes out of restricted airspace Monday.  (Click Here for details)

According to, the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office had 4 officers and a K9 unit assisting with security at the airport. A Sheriff's Office spokesperson says the plane landed safely at around 4:40 p.m.

Security's extra tight in the New Jersey - New York area during this week's General Assembly of the United Nation's in Manhattan. One official told NBC that the plane was flying in New Jersey airspace about 20 miles south of New York City.

Residents and workers complained on social media that houses and offices rattled from the roar from the jets.