In a recent Patch article the list of recent bills signed by Governor Christie was released. One of the bills highlighted is Senate Bill 2398/Assembly Bill 3879 .... the bill would require school districts in New Jersey to adopt policy allowing students in grades 9 through 12 who participate in certain interscholastic extracurricular activities to earn varsity letters.

Activities like debate team, drama team and chess teams for example would allow participants to earn varsity letters like their sports counterparts...... Some schools may already allow this, but this legislation would broaden the distribution of varsity letters throughout the State.

My two cents, if kids participate on an "interscholastic" team at school then they should be entitled to earn a varsity letter. Not all kids wanna play sports and if it gets kids active in extra curricular activities then it's a good thing. Rather see students involved in activities with incentives, then being out on streets getting into trouble. Do you agree?

Sound off and let us know your thoughts ... should ALL interscholastic teams get chance to earn a varsity letter ?


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