I take a look at the latest album ... "High Hopes"

Bruce Springsteen, a New Jersey Icon, has released his latest project "High Hopes" and that's just what he has done! You do walk away with hopes fulfilled. The album, Bruce's 18th Studio Album, came out this week and it's an interesting combination of songs. In this latest project Springsteen has some old songs re-done and UN-released tracks plus a cover.

On "Hopes"  Springsteen does a of cover of Seventies punk pioneers Suicide ("Dream Baby Dream") which has the theme "Keep the Light Burning" , which I think is perfect as the final track of the album. Kinda goes along with the theme of "High Hopes" ....

The title track is one of my favs. You feel a real drive to this project with a lot of guitar and jams throughout the album. My ABSOLUTE favorite track is a re-do of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" which is just perfect! The song, which is a concert staple, sounds so good "in studio" remastered with fantastic jams through-out. ... 7 1/2 minutes of Bruce Bliss!

41 Shots , inspired by the shooting of Amadou Diallo February 4th 1999 in New York City, gives the album a political and social punch always needed for a good Springsteen project.

Now pray for yourself and that you may not fall
When the hour of deliverance comes on us all
When high hope and faith and courage and trust
Can rise or vanish like dust and dust
Now there's a kingdom of love waiting to be reclaimed
Honey, I'm the hunter of the invisible game
Honey, I'm the hunter of the invisible game
Honey, I'm the hunter of the invisible game~ Bruce Springsteen

I also enjoyed "Hunter of the Invisible Game" which takes us on an incredible "self" journey ... towards the end of the album.

I really like this album it has teeth! a lot of teeth ..... **** 1/2 Stars