Check Out This Week's "Pet of the Week" with the Popcorn Park Zoo

This handsome young man is Stanley, a shar pei/pit mix that came to us from our Newark facility in search of a wonderful home of his own. Stanley's real name is Superstar Stanley, simply because he is so well known and loved by all that meet him! Stanley spent over a year in our Newark facility, making friends and putting smiles on the faces of all that met him, but since no one came along to offer him the forever home that he deserves, he came down to Popcorn Park to try his luck with us. We are so happy to have this happy-go-lucky boy with us and can clearly see why he was so loved by our friends in Newark. Stanley is about 5 to 6 years old, and is a true gentleman and lovebug. He is extremely friendly and outgoing. It only takes him a sniff or two of you before Stanley is pulling himself right up beside you to be your best friend. Stanley is a smart guy too. He walks very well on a leash, will sit nicely when asked and even offer you a pawshake for a treat. Stanley just loves to run and have fun too. On his first trip to our giant exercise yard, Stanley was beside himself with delight to be able to have the freedom to romp, roam and check out the world around him. He would love a great home with a nice backyard to play in and a loving family to care for him forever. Stanley gets along with some dogs but would prefer a home with no cats. He adores people of all ages, so please come in and meet our handsome boy and give him the home that he's been dreaming of for so long.For More On Stanley Visit The Popcorn Park Zoo or Call ( 609 ) 693 - 1900