It's Spring and just like the weather it's time to do a "re-set" on ourselves as well, so it it was time to getting moving and lose a few pounds in the process. My doctor also wanted me to lower my cholesterol levels as well.  I have to be honest it really was not that hard to drop over 15 pounds... here is what I did.

  • Eliminate Dairy: One of the big contributors to higher cholesterol (not the good stuff) is dairy with saturated fats and I loved my cream in my coffee so I decided to eliminate dairy ...except for some cheese. When I have cereal I now use almond milk and if you never tried's fantastic on cereal, but only get "original" "unsweetened" flavored almond milk. FYI - certain low and fat-free dairy and yogurts are fine, I just decided to go less dairy.
  • Reduce Red Meat: We've never been such big "meat eaters" so this was not too hard, but definitely watch to not over-do the red meat.
  • Eliminate Junk Food: NO Processed Junk Food, none! This may be the most difficult thing because I liked a "night time" snack while watching some television. Especially anything with "white" flour ... including breads.
  • Hike: Now that the weather has gotten better we've been getting out and walking more, so hiking has definitely helped.

So really I just cut out the bad stuff and the weight just came if your looking to do a little "Spring Cleaning" there is my "4" that helped me ... and I have to thank Avril for her help! By the way we are still dining out and enjoying all kinds of "clean" food

What works for you ?

By the way I am not a doctor so if you have any medical questions consult your physician



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