Residents of an age-restricted community in Manchester raise $25,000 dollars to help local Superstorm Sandy survivors. Seniors at Leisure Village West raised the money during a recent telethon held at their clubhouse Auditorium.

Councilman and resident Charles Frattini explains how the event came about. He says "Tom Ryan, who is a Trustee, came up with the idea of helping all these people who were so affected and put together a telethon within, I guess it was seven days. He got everyone together where we had entertainment and food and the auditorium was absolutely jam packed."

Frattini says the residents in the community gave generously because they're a generation that's familiar with hard times. "They needed help one time or another and probably received it and now they're making up for what they got. They're giving back." He also adds that everyone of the community's clubs also contributed.

He says the $25,000 will be handed over to Manchester Mayor Mike Fressola during the next Council meeting and he'll be distributing the funds to Ocean County Hunger Relief and the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Leisure Villiage West has around 2,500 residents many of whom are on a fixed income.