One of the most engaging stories from this past weekend was daredevil Felix Baumgartner's "Space Jump" with the Red Bull Stratos project.

Millions around the world watched live, myself included, as the helium balloon powered capsule was lifted over 24 miles into the upper atmosphere, the jumper opened the door, stepped out onto a small perch, slowly leaned over, and plunged towards Earth.

It was stunning and nailbiting to watch as we saw the minuscule human outline spin and then stabilize before safely landing in the New Mexico desert.

But one thing that we didn't get to see, and that I really wanted to see, was the view from the cameras that were attached to Baumgartner's suit (we know that there were cameras on him, when they ran through the pre-jump checklist and mentioned the suit-mounted equipment). I'm assuming that they didn't want to show those images live in case there were unforseen problems, but we're now treated to those very images in this video from the Red Bull team: