Nobody has asked my opinion but if they did I would tell them.

Snow plow in Lakewood (The Lakewood Scoop)

I will take bad winters if a great summer follows. This has been one of the best summers I can remember weather-wise with only a few days lost to rain.  Better yet we have not had a heat-wave, humidity has been lower than usual and beach conditions have been ideal.

I will sign for the same thing next summer even if it means a long and cold winter.  (Of course I may offer a different opinion sometime in January).

As evidenced by several recent incidents there remains significant racial tension in this country as too many times we focus on what makes us different instead of the traits and characteristics many of us share.

The casino closings in Atlantic City will produce immediate pain for thousands but they are simply a market correction which will ultimately help the ones that remain in business.  However it seems like its inevitable New Jersey will expand gambling to other parts of the state to fight off the challenges presented by Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.  The question is will that return Atlantic City to what it was before casino gambling when nobody wanted to “Do AC.”

The Little League World Series has lost the charm that made it so special.  With expansion to 16 teams and every game on TV it’s just too much. ESPN over hypes and over analyzes the games and players and I’ve already lost interest.

Yankee fans who blame manager Joe Girardi for the team’s disappointing season simply don’t know baseball. Considering all the injuries to the pitching staff and the sub-par performances by others it’s amazing the Yankees are even in the playoff hunt.  Sure over 162 games you can find fault with Girardi but he’s a quality manager and should be in pinstripes for years to come.

While I still enjoy it I have to admit I don’t like the direction of the Showtime drama “Ray Donovan” which is getting just a bit too bizarre in its second season.

The cast is great but the story line just does not match in the intensity and intrigue of last summer.