Seaside Heights officials issue a public advisory in advance of Point Pleasant Beach's bar closing ordinance taking effect.

Once bars and restaurants in Point Beach begins closing at midnight on July 4th, they're anticipating an influx of bar hoppers. However, they're reminding potential customers that driving into Seaside after having even one or two drinks can be dangerous. They asking patrons to make a decision about where they spend their time early before they start drinking.

The written statement issued by Borough Administrator John Camera on behalf of Borough Council members, goes on to say "Seaside welcomes everyone, as long as they behave properly, abide by our regulations and do not upset or interfere with the enjoyment of our other visitors and residents. We are staffed and trained to provide a safe, protected environment for everyone in our town. This means being prepared to advise, curtail, issue summonses and/or arrest and detain those that do not abide by the aforementioned rules and regulations."