Like it or not, with Smart-phones, I-pods, and tablets, kids are outpacing their schools in the use of technology. Dr. Richard Bozza, Executive Director of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators says schools are going to have to fearlessly embrace the potential of technology quicker with this generation of youngsters.

"We don't call them teenagers anymore. We call them 'screenagers' because they've grown up with the screen in front of them interacting with it, interacting with their friends and then carrying the technology with them. So, we know that their brains operate differently than mine for example and the generation in which we grew up, mostly not with images and video but with words on paper." He says now kids growing up in a digital age have to power down when they go to school. "You know, they're very excited and engaged in all the technology whether it's a game or getting information and schools have to catch up with that."

Bozza sees economics as the only draw back, where kids are unable to afford the technology, leaving school districts with the task of finding ways to the purchase the devices.

Bozza believes schools will begin to integrate more technology as advances are made and the cost come down. He envisions a time in the very near future when the traditional text books give way to online textbooks, with video and immediate information.

"It's such a potent tool for educating kids that we can't hide from it and I think that you're going to see more and more schools inviting kids in with their smart phones."

He advises parents to monitor their kid's cyber-space activity to make sure it's being used in a positive way.