Recommendations to change almost 500 regulations that govern New Jersey's school districts are getting positive feedback from a statewide school administrator's organization.

Dr. Richard Bozza, Executive Director of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators says they support of the Education Transformation Task Force's efforts and are now beginning to analyze the recommendations.

Bozza says they're not concerned about the size and scope of the recommendations because there's an assumption that school leaders and school boards really do have the best interest of kids at heart. "You know, we have responsible leaders and their school boards that set policies are able to take a look at these things and make decisions. We don't really need the state to say that for every square foot this is what you must do."

Bozza says the changes will not all be made at once, there's a process in place that allows for public review and input. However, the task force recommends that the State Board of Education adopts the changes by next August.

His comments follow the release of a 239-page report from the gubernatorial task force. 428 of the changes can be made by the State BOE but 46 of the most significant regulations require legislative approval.

Advocates for the state's poorest school districts are already expressing concern about recommendations to eliminate class size limits and literacy programs.

The task force makes recommendations to change regulations matters such as the type of paper schools can use to print newsletters and the number of custodians in each school facility to large matters like making changes to the state's school bullying and special education policies.