If you're looking to buy a used car, beware of water-damaged vehicles from Superstorm Sandy. Triple A Mid-Atlantic says vehicles flooded in the hurricane are being sold nine months later on used car lots and by private sellers in New Jersey and surrounding states.

Triple A Mid-Atlantic offers some tips on shopping for a new vehicle whether from a dealer or a used one from any source, including smelling the

Flooding in Long Branch (StarsMediaOnline)

vehicle to detect any odors inside, making sure the windows aren't fogged up and that the carpet or upholstery hasn't been replaced or shampooed recently, inspecting underneath the dashboard for mud or dirt, looking under the vehicle for corrosion, checking to make sure all warning lights, window motors and electrical components are working properly, obtaining a CARFAX Vehicle History Report and having the vehicle inspected by a quality repair facility before purchasing.




Triple A Mid-Atlantic Spokesperson Tracy Noble warns, "What might seem like a bargain too good to be true on a used car might become a nightmarish ordeal, resulting in extensive, difficult, and expensive repairs. She says some of these vehicles may not be identified in national data bases yet.