It's day three of the partial government shutdown and still no relief in sight.  The budget battle shows no signs of easing, with lawmakers from both parties suggesting that the shutdown could last for weeks. 

Congressman Jon Runyan meets with Seaside Heights firefighters (Bailey Hall)

Thousands of federal workers in the Garden State are staying home again today as it continues.  From Government agencies to military bases, it's a widespread problem.  A shore based Congressman has had enough and he's hoping to help end it soon.

Third District Representative Jon Runyan is one of 17 Republicans in the House who wants to pass a funding bill that would get things moving again.  In essence, its a clean slate spending plan that leaves Obamacare as is and has no strings attached.  In an interview with Townsquare Media News, Runyan says "those who are trying to retaliate against the Affordable Care Act are harming the economy, are harming the country and are just being ridiculous."

House Speaker John Boehner won't budge on the issue of Obamacare.  Runyan, who usually sees eye-to-eye with the speaker says it's time to bend.  He says "this is going to cripple so many things here in the state and around the country.  It doesn't make sense to me to play politics with this issue.  The Obamacare is a three years old piece of legislation.  The money is earmarked as it is.  Although I have my issues with it, this is no time for this."

Runyan tells us he will continue to work on serving the people and try and get the shutdown stopped soon.  A meeting at the White House late yesterday did absolutely nothing to bring a possible resolution.