Brick residents who still have questions about storm recovery will have a chance to have their questions answered at the Township’s Recovery Forum.The free forum will be held at Brick Township High School on Chambers Bridge Road starting at 9 a.m. and running until noon.

Mayor Steve Acropolis says it will be an opportunity for residents to speak with experts about a wide range of topics ranging from rebuilding and remediation to the new FEMA flood maps and zoning.

“So if someone has a question about mitigation guidance or elevations, those engineering departments will be there. The land use and community development staff will be there. The Ocean County Department of Health will be there.”

It has been six months since the Township held their informational fair on storm recovery in January. Acropolis notes that in the time since a lot of the state has made dramatic improvements, however it’s important to remember a lot of people still need help.

“As much as I know roads are important to get redone and play grounds are important to get redone, the number one issue facing a town is rebuilding and getting people back in the homes. There’s no bigger issue.

The Ocean County Health Department will provide free tetanus shots and mold safety information.