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Nielsen’s Music 360 report found that radio is still the place where most people (48%) discover new music, compared to just 7% for YouTube. Radio

The report found that 56% of teens listen to music on the radio, while 53% use Apple’s iTunes music player and half of teens listen to music on compact discs, or CDs.

Bottom line: Radio is always new and Americans have caught on that it’s the best place to find their favorite song(s) first. Other findings:


  • 63% of music buyers believe digital albums are a “very or fairly good value”; 61% say the same about digital tracks, and 55% about CDs.
  • 54% of teens buy T-shirts at concerts, compared to 46% of 18-to-24-year-olds. Also, 33% of teens bought a digital track within a week of its release, compared to 21% of people 18 or over.