The return to school and college campuses can be a traumatic time of year for an unlikely member of your household .... the family pet.Listen to a conversation with Paul Mann

Paul Mann, Founder and CEO of Fetch Pet Care said dogs and cats can also suffer from the effects of chronic loneliness and social isolation.

"They have psychological and even physical impacts that they experience when they're alone."

Even though the debate is out, experts believe as in humans, pets can suffer with dementia, insomnia, anxiety, depression and even heart disease, as a result of chronic loneliness, according to the Fetch Pet Care press release.

Mann recommends waking up an extra 15 minutes to engage pets in the morning with exercise and physical activities.

"Take the dog for a walk, maybe a game of fetch out back, or if you have a cat you can play lazer tag but the idea is you want to tire and calm your pet physically so they can utilize that alone time to catch up on rest and recuperation."

He also recommends arranging regular midday visits.

Other tips include providing engaging play toys or puzzle game treat dispensers, allowing them to play outdoors or adopting a second pet as a companion. You may also want to hire a professional dog walker or pet sitter. Get more information from their website at