Before the kids go off to school, education excellence begins in the home with the parent-child relationship. As part of their new strategic plan, the Freehold Regional High School District is promoting that concept through a special program. Envision: Parent University is a series of workshops designed to support and promote families in ensuring the academic success, safety and independence of their children. The workshops are geared to helping parents become better parents in various sections that sometimes end up going by the wayside. This often occurs because of time and the fact many are forced to work two jobs in the current struggling to recover economy.

Program Administrator Jennifer Sharp says it’s very important to have involvement from an early age all the way up to the high school years. She says “our goal is to foster that and make sure parents are set with knowing the best way to handle the situation. Their entire success in school and life starts from a ground up foundation. We know this will help get the message out.”

The workshops are held in the Freehold High School located at 2 Robertsville Road in Freehold.

Envision: Parent University workshops will be facilitated by Sharon McCarthy, President of Envision, Inc. and a consultant with the Foundation for Educational Administration. The workshops will run from 7pm-9pm.

The dates include January 9th, 23, 30th and February 6th – all of which are Mondays.

Families can contact Jennifer Sharp at (732) 792-7300 ext. 8512 for information about how they can participate in these and other parent programs.

Light refreshments will be served at each workshop. Funding for these programs is made available through NCLB/ESEA Title I Grant for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

For information about the Freehold Regional High School District, visit their website.