A motorcyclist who was the subject of numerous calls 9-1-1 calls about aggressive driving and who eluded police for two weeks during his morning commute on Route 9 is taken into custody.

23-year-old Christopher Lane of Browns Mills was arrested at his job in Lakewood Thursday morning with the help of the New Jersey State Police Helicopter Unit after giving cops the finger.

Berkeley Police say Detective Robertazzi and Detective Sergeant Glen DeMarco of the Beachwood Police Department boarded the State Police helicopter at the Manitou Park ball field. They say within 10 minutes of being airborne, stationary surveillance units observed the green Kawasaki motorcycle operated by Lane heading north on Route 9 from the area of Ocean Gate Drive. Police say Lane was once again driving aggressively and taunted stationary police units by giving them the middle finger as he passed by. Police were instructed not to initiate any type of pursuit due to the impending aerial surveillance.

Police in the helicopter observed the operator of the green Kawasaki disregard numerous traffic laws and speed on the Garden State Parkway until exiting at 91 in Brick Township. The motorcycle arrived at its destination, a commercial building in Lakewood on 4th Street and Monmouth Avenue. The helicopter unit directed Beachwood Police to the building and arrested Lane without incident. He also admitted to his involvement in police pursuits over the past week and a half and his motorcycle was seized.

Lane told police that he was staying with his girlfriend in Bayville. He said he eluded police because he had traffic warrants and a suspended drivers license. Now he's in the Ocean County Jail on seven counts of second degree eluding with bail set at $205,000 no 10%. Lane also faces dozens of other motor vehicle charges from Beachwood, South Toms River, Pine Beach and Toms River.

Berkeley Police Sergeant Jimmy Smith says "the State Police helicopter was the edge that we needed to get this guy." Assisting in the investigation were police departments from Beachwood, Pine Beach, and South Toms River. The New Jersey State Police Aviation Unit provide aerial support in this operation.