Here’s a story that will put a major strain on your already tight wallet. If you travel the Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike, get ready to pay more during the first of the New Year. A fifty percent increase plan was put into place during Former Governor Jon Corzine’s administration. The average car toll on the Parkway will jump from 70 cents to $1.05. Turnpike tolls will go from $1.10 to anywhere between $2.20 or $3.30. Although the Garden State Parkway runs through the entire state, Ocean County lawmakers have been vocally opposed to this plan since it was first proposed.

Ocean County Freeholder Director Joe Vicari says it’s not a welcomed increase. He says “under Corzine’s two-step plan, tolls rose 40 percent in 2008 and now to an additional 50 percent in 2012. This will not only make things harder for families already struggling, it’s going to cost more for hard working individuals to get to and from work.”

Vicari feels a local representative on the New Jersey Turnpike Authority would have provided a loud and clear voice for Ocean County commuters and senior citizens who depend on the roadway. Another issue is the ripple effect it will have on Route 9. Because residents will be forced off the toll road in a lot of instances, it could mean new challenges and issues.

Vicari adds “because the state keeps ignoring our plea’s for improving and widening Route 9, there are going to be more accidents, more traffic and more problems all around. It’s very important for Ocean County and the state that this is looked at further.”

Vicari says a lot of residents around the state will be surprised when their Ezpass bill arrives and it’s substantially higher.