Well, yesterday was the big day. After arriving in Hollywood on Sunday, Monday was showtime!

Once again we got the Hollywood treatment with a car picking us up from the hotel and driving us over to the studio. We weren't quite sure what to expect when we pulled into a completely nondescript building with no signs between a self storage business and a dog shelter. The only indication of what goes on inside is that picture you see to the left.

Once we got inside though, you could tell that a whole lot goes on here. Large, heavy doors with red lights outside. Autographed posters from bands and other memorabilia. In fact, it turned out that that very building was where they taped the voices for the first decade of The Simpsons. Who would have guessed?

So we were lead to a green room with leather couches, a large plasma TV, and a huge makeup chair and mirror (and of course told to help ourselves to any food we would like). After hanging out for a little while, the makeup artist came in to get me ready for my time on set:

After a few minutes in the chair (this woman was a wizard...considering all my traveling through time zones lately, she was actually able to hide the bags under my eyes!) they led me onto the set.

This is the point where I still have to be a little vague, but I can tell you it was a really interesting experience. The producer, Adam, made the process very easy and comfortable, but it was definitely weird. You're in a large, dark room surrounded by all sorts of equipment and people. Since the lights are on you, you can't really tell exactly how many people are in the room, and they're all looking at you.

My whole segment took around an hour or so to tape. After they were done there were the usual "pickup shots" where I had to sit still while they move the cameras around, etc. They brought me back to the green room and then it was Boni's turn in the hot seat.

All in all we were there for a couple of hours. Everyone was very nice, accommodating, and friendly. Afterwords a friend of mine from high school who is actually a casting agent here in LA picked us up and showed us the usual tourist sites, and then it was time to call it a night.

It was a whirlwind, not even being here for three full days, but a lot of fun. I'll definitely keep you all updated on when you can see our episode of "My Ghost Story" which is set to air on the A&E Biography channel this fall!