The Mayor of Ocean Gate responds to issues raised by a handful of residents regarding their two wind turbines. 

Yesterday, we reported a story from a local resident who feels their right to peace in their community has been taken away by the windmills.  Mayor Paul Kennedy, who spearheaded the project years ago, is on the defensive.


Mayor Kennedy is outraged by the claim that they haven't looked into noise complaints filed with the Ocean County Health Department.  Kennedy says he never saw more than one or two people at the council meetings pressing the issue and everything they did with the project has been above board.

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Kennedy says "there were not nine complaints as originally stated but eleven.  There is only one open still and we are constantly working to figure out ways to make the units quieter.  To say we've brushed them off or gave them cold shoulders is not true at all."

According to Kennedy, Ocean Gate officials had done several things to lower decibel readings.  They are in total compliance with all local, county and state regulations.  The Ocean County Health Department also gave everything the ok when it came to the noise level.  Kennedy feels this is an attack from some locals who weren't pleased with the turbine even before it was put up.


Some of the residents who are not happy are very concerned about their property values.  Kennedy says "for a realtor to say that only half of the people would look at the houses for purchase is totally one sided.  There have been three homes in the area of the units that have been sold in the past year and all of the old and new residents were ok with them."

The mayor is willing to discuss the matter further and says they are looking at ways to make everyone happy but he knows that probably won't happen.  Kennedy adds "we will try our best but the turbines aren't coming down.  They are good.  They are green.  They are generating power and helping to offset the costs of electric.

The council recently discovered a sound proof paint used by NASA that they will try on the second turbine unit as a test.  If it works, they will use it on the first one that stands outside the municipal complex.