The Ocean County 55-year-old who admitted trying to arrange a hit on his wife and daughter in 2011 is sentenced to six years in New Jersey State Prison.

Philip Florio (Ocean County Prosecutor's Office)

Philip Florio's sentence allows for parole consideration after five years under New Jersey's No Early Release Act, according to information from Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato's office.

Details disclosed by Coronato show that in December 2013, Florio admitted trying to set up the killings while in stir on a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest. He told the court that his wife's failure to post bail left him distraught.

Florio engaged an undercover investigator, offering money, jewelry and a Porsche Carrera for a double-murder that would appear to be a botched robbery.

Florio has been incarcerated since the original DUI charge. He's sentenced on a first-degree count of conspiracy to commit murder.