Some middle-of-the-week random thoughts:

Politics aside President Obama is a terrific public speaker and knows how to hold an audience.  His farewell speech last night in Chicago was eloquent and emotional at times as he reflected on his eight years in office.

Among his best lines addressed communication or lack thereof in these times of social media: “If you’re tired of talking to strangers on the internet try talking with one of them in real life.”  President Obama only mentioned his successor once when he pledged a smooth transition with President-elect Trump but many of his talking points were against the ideology that is expected to run rampant in the White House once Trump takes office.

These last few days were a distinct reminder of why I hate winter.  However with the exception of Saturday night which could bring some snow showers temperatures over the next 10 days are expected to be well above average with more days in the 50s then in the 30s.  That’s a pleasant thought!

Monday night’s college football national championship game was truly special and a great way to end the long season.  Clemson’s win over Alabama was good for the sport if not for fans of the Crimson Tide.

Great quote from New York Post sports columnist George Willis on controversial Giants receive Odell Beckham Jr. who can’t avoid making headlines on and off the field.  “He’s the Giants first social media star; a Kim Kardashian in cleats.”  That pretty much sums it up.

The biggest surprise of the high school basketball season will be if Ranney and Mater Dei Prep don’t play for the Shore Conference Championship.

The next movie on my must-see list is “Patriots Day” which will be out everywhere this weekend and tells the story of the Boston Marathon bombing and the search for those who orchestrated it.